The Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph, R.C.

New Pipe Organ and Facade Restoration

Brooklyn, NY

We are blessed and honored that Bishop DiMarzio and Monsignor Harrington asked us to participate in the restoration of St. Joseph's as it comes to serve as a Co-Cathedral for the Brooklyn Diocese this upcoming year. The previous organ had a complex history having been partially restored some seventy years ago, and a beautiful Moller Console that dates back to 1911.

When we first investigated the instrument, the organ had a significant amount of damage and seventy years of dirt and debris covering it. The old organ was nearing its one-hundred and second year and many decades since its blowers’ fans spun last.

The casework of the instrument will be cleaned and touched up with the facade pipes refurbished and refinished. The pipe work from the previous instrument along with the new pipe work make the tonal promise of this instrument something to be looked forward to. Additions of reed choruses and fuller great and pedal divisions will fill the space with a glorious tone.

We hope you enjoy watching this sacred space restored and brought to serve the new Brooklyn Co-Cathedral.

Removing the swell pipework for refubishing.
Console being lowered out of the balcony.
Dusty mess. - Not for much longer.
Pedal open wood will be fully restored.
Ready to be brought to the factory in Paterson.
Largest pipe in the organ ready to be lowered.
Truck ready for the trip to Paterson.
Organ removed, church ready to be restored.
The old console before restoration.
Restored pedal pipes.
Cabinetmaker working on a pedal toeboard.
new principal pipes
Restored keydesk coming together.
New Blower arrives!
Great Division being racked in.
Console with its newly complete roll top.