Church of the Annunciation



This new pipe organ, in total, features over 42 ranks of pipes located in two organs controlled by a new III manual Console.

The Gallery Organ is enclosed in a custom designed, two-tone solid oak casework, featuring new pewter facade pipes with elongated toes. The organ was designed and engineered to fit the massive 35 rank gallery organ in twin caseworks all while not disturbing the focal point of the Crucifix. It features a stately trompette en chamade with a harmonic break that also draws your eyes inward.

The rebuilt and revoiced Sanctuary Organ is an expressive seven ranks of pipes functioning to support the Music Ministry which is located adjacent to the Sanctuary.

The instrument features ranks of pipes donated from the former organ at the Fordham University Chapel, which were blended seamlessly into the new tonal specification designed to properly fill the architecture of Annunciation Church.

  Completed Organ Photos

  Organ Construction Photos