Emmanuel UCC



The Skinner Organ at Emmanuel UCC, has been completely restored and updated by the Peragallo's. It has an interesting history, as the organ has been previously renovated two times by the Aeolian Skinner Company in 1964 and the MÓ§ller Organ Company in 1972. The Móller Company replaced the original IV Manual Skinner Console with its Móller style III manual console. This limited the instruments 4 divisions of pipe work and disabled the Antiphonal Division's Echo capabilities.

The restoration includes a new IV Manual Console designed in the Skinner Tradition and matches the beautiful woodworking seen in the current church furnishings at Emmanuel UCC. The pipes of the instrument were cleaned with the reed pipes disassembled and reed tongues and shallots burnished. The switching system of the instrument is state of the art allowing for hundreds of levels of combinations and playback and record features. The tonal specification has been redesigned to represent the original Ernest Skinner concepts and revoiced to bring about the unique bouquet of sounds that once did and now fill the church.

Another notable moment in the organs construction was during the beginning phases of construction, the organist at Emmanuel UCC, Don Horneff, was practicing on the failing Moller consol when he noticed a gentleman was watching him practice. He struck up a conversation with the gentleman who asked about the project because he heard a Skinner Style Console was going to be built. It turned out that the gentleman was Ernest M. Skinner's grandson. He was delighted to hear that Skinner styling’s and voicing were to be restored and joined us at the dedication of this wonderful instrument.

  Completed Organ Photos