New Custom Keydesks


You may wish to bring the existing the console and switching system of your instrument up to today’s standards.

The "console" or "keydesk" is truly the workhorse of each pipe organ. It is the one element which the organist makes contact with as the music is created! After decades of service, normal wear and tear does effect the console mechanisms that connect the pipes in the chamber to the draw knobs, stops and keys at the organists fingertips. In some cases, the pipes and wind chests of the instrument are in fine working order and a full restoration is not necessary.

The benefits of an updated console and switching system include:

- Hundreds of levels of registration combination memory. A new switching system can allow for multiple organists to program the organ for numerous selections with tremendous ease, eliminating the need for constantly changing the settings of the entire organ each time the organists sit down to perform.

- Extended life of the instrument. - By adding solid-state digital switching to an existing organ, you greatly increase the life span of the instrument.

- Improved sightlines. Our goal as an organ builder is to provide an instrument that promotes congregational and choral singing. We design the case of the key desk to allow for direct line of sight with the choir, song leader and celebrant.

- More ergometric. Close attention is paid to the design of each key desk to allow for complete comfort as used by the organists by closely following the design standards set forth by the American Guild of Organists.

- Mobility. We can fabricate and provide movable platforms to allow for the console, pedal board and bench to be moved easily within the church to adjust to changing liturgical, musical and spiritual considerations.

- Design appropriate. Every console is built to compliment the architectural features of the space it occupies. We match colors and architectural details of your worship space.


  Completed Organ Photos