Parish of the Resurrection




It is truly wonderful when pipe dreams become reality! In conjunction with the urban renewal and redevelopment of the surrounding area, Saint Michael of the Archangel Church, which is now part of the Parish of the Resurrection in Jersey City, sought to restore their church organ thereby providing the music ministry with a cornerstone for the next generation of worshiping parishioners. As part of this dream, long time organist, Roxanne Clarke worked to restore a true gem – OPUS 542 of the famous E.M. Skinner Organ Company! Funding was provided by the Joseph E. Bradley charitable trust.

This organ is a great example of the EM Skinner tonal concept of that era in American organ building. The tonal pallet is filled with a tremendous dimensional character. The church possesses a glorious acoustic and the multiple locations of the pipes envelope you in true organ tone.

The Nave Organ divisons are housed in a large casework in the gallery. Gorgeous hand carved caseworks are provided for the Sanctuary Organ. The tonal design features the best of EM Skinner including his patented French Horn! The wood resonators of the 16’ Trombone truly shake the rafters and a Corno d’Amore is found in the Swell divisions on both ends of the building.

The re dedication of the organ was on January 20th 2012 with incredible concert by the renown artist, Harold Stover.

  Completed Organ Photos

  Organ Construction Photos