Second Presbyterian Church



This project included a new console and tonal changes to an existing pipe organ to accommodate a new acoustic that was brought about through the additions of a newly resurfaced ceiling and chancel floor.

These improvements created an amazing acoustic, clearer and brighter than we ever imagined could be possible. The entire organ was revoiced to properly speak at appropriate levels within the new environment. This change in acoustics makes the old adage in pipe organ building,” the most important stop on the instrument is the space", ever more tangible.

The new console, made of solid mahogany, features the refurbished the abbreviated keyboards (58 key) from the previous key desk. The draw knobs allow for a low, French tier, style console allowing for enhanced sightlines between the organist and choirs.

The organ also brought back to life the old carillon system, and also has three connection points, allowing the organist to play the console from three different locations with no visible cables.
This project was a pleasure to work on. All parties involved whether the members of the Second Presbyterian church, Architects, Organist, and construction companies were extremely talented and professional throughout the entire project.
We encourage you to visit and experience the space during the year as Second Presbyterian Church has a wonderful music ministry.

  Completed Organ Photos