St. Anthony of Padua

Opus 713

Wilmington, DE

The pipe organ has been designed to properly suite the vast achitecture and acoustic of St. Anthony of Padua Church. The instrument is to include both a Gallery Organ and Chancel Organ, which are to be controlled by twin three Manual and pedal consoles at either end of the church. The Gallery organ will be encased by an oak casework custom designed to fit the unique and beautiful architecture that adorns St. Anthony's.

The balcony of this historic church is at present being enlarged by Father Roberto and company to hold more choir members and should be completed in time for the organ to be installed.

We are very excited to see this installation go up, as it was always a dream of John Peragallo Jr. and St. Anthony's organist, Jean Scalessa. After years of planning St. Anthony of Padua Church will have a pipe organ to support and lead its music liturgy.

Status of the pipe organ:

  • The interior chambers of the organ are complete.
  • The Casework is being assembled in the factory and readied for transport.
  • The pipes have been racked in to the newly designed and built wind chests.
  • The twin consoles are in the electrical shop being outfitted with the keys, stops, and switching.

Balcony expandion by Aldo, Dominic, and Company
Pat unracking pipes off the new windchests.
John Z preparing a toe board for magnets
one of many bellows of the organ.
Copper trumpet- ready to be racked in.
Trompette en Chamade Chest - being glued up
twin console keybeds
console pieces being planed
Swell Chamber