St. Augustine of Canterbury Church


Type:  OPUS 710 NEW

This organ features twin oak caseworks enclosing the Great and Positiv divisions. The facade pipes of the Principals are finished in gold. In the new design, dispersing the organ across the front wall of the sanctuary allows for a balanced volume of tone across the entire nave – so useful in properly accompanying congregation hymns. The organ has the ability to move a tremendous amount of sound with a beautiful gradient over the sanctuary and nave of the church. Varying the use of the two divisions allows the architecture of the church to truly work together as one instrument for praise.

The console is a new handcrafted three manual and pedal low profile French tier key desk. The key claviers are covered with maple naturals and rosewood sharps. The very well accomplished, Bill Berg, dedicated the organ in front of a capacity crowd with the help of the Metuchen Diocesan Choir in August of 2011.


  Completed Organ Photos