St. John Lutheran Church



St. John's has been waiting a long time for this organ.  After fifteen years of hard work documenting, fundraising, and even designing and constructing a new sanctuary to house the organ, the instrument is now complete!  We could not be prouder of the parishioners of this parish and their dedicated efforts to seeing this vision through.  Now the church is capable of filling its walls with the sounds of praise and glory founded on a powerful and dynamic instrument. 

This organ will be of a three manual and pedals that controls 39 ranks of pipework.  It is entirely behind a new handcrafted oak casework with two expressive divisions.  

The tonal design of the instrument was a collaboration between St. John's Music Director, Cindy Holden and John Peragallo III.  

Mark Pacoe dedicated the instrument to a filled church this past spring.  


  Completed Organ Photos

  Organ Construction Photos