St. John's Episcopal Parish




Opus 645 at St. John's Episcopal Parish is an organ that we are very proud of at Peragallo Organ Company. This organ is comprised of 16-1/2 ranks of pipe work that are controlled by a two manual and pedal console. This instrument simultaneously had three generations of design input and hands involved from conception through final voicing.

The console and casework were custom designed and handcrafted to match the architectural styling’s of the church. The casework features polished zinc pipes with solid mahogany toe-boards and accent moldings. The key desk features two manuals of tracker-touch keyboards, crafted of Maple naturals and Padouk sharps. The interior jambs and name-board are designed in a French-terrace style and is very comfortable to play. The custom music rack was designed with cues from the bell tower door.

At the center of the organ high in the vault of the church is the stately Trompette en Chamade. The pipes are suspended between the cases to properly project fanfare sounds down the center axis of the church.

We would like to thank everyone involved with this project for their support and generosity to bring the sound of this organ into this wonderful parish.

  Completed Organ Photos