St. Magdalen de Pazzi


Type:  OPUS 678

The new pipe organ at St. Magdalen de Pazzi is of three manual and pedal design including a total of 569 speaking pipes augmented with digitally sampled ranks of pipework and a complete MIDI package to address today’s contemporary musical worship and provide playback and record capability.

The new organ keydesk is a custom built low-profile, French terraced keydesk featuring dymondwood drawknobs and rocker tablets. The console is constructed of select hardwoods and finished to match the church furnishings.

Complete solid state digital switching shall be featured and a multi-level combination system shall be included to allow the organist to pre-set the combination system with various levels of stop settings.

The key claviers are of the finest hardwoods with the naturals in maple and the sharps in rosewood.

The keydesk is placed upon a oak parquet movable platform to offer the flexibility to adapt to varying liturgical/musical usage.

The pipework is dispersed above and across the front of the sanctuary. The pipework has been designed to harmoniously coexist with the beautiful spirit window. From this position on the central axis of the church, the instrument shall project its tone directly and freely into the nave of the church.

The lower casework has been designed to include red oak panels and finished to match the ceiling structural beams. The facade pipework of the Great and Pedal Principals is of flamed copper with polished zinc mouths, extended pipe toes and rear roll tuners.

The crowning jewel of the instrument is the stately - Trompette en Chamade. This set of flared polished copper trumpets is positioned horizontally in the center portion of the casework with the reed resonators projecting outward. This unique stop shall provide the instrument with a fiery band of reed color so useful in processional and fanfare music.

The new instrument shall be thoroughly capable of accommodating all the musical needs of the worshiping congregation and ideally suited for concert usage. The new pipe organ represents a lifetime investment in quality music and worship by the St. Magdalen parish community.

  Completed Organ Photos