St. Thomas More Church


Type:  OPUS 687

The new organ at St. Thomas More Church was built by the Peragallo Organ Company of Paterson, New Jersey and is Opus 687. The organ is of two manuals and pedal and includes a total of 122 speaking pipes. The organ speaks from two locations to effectively provide tonal coverage throughout the church.

The pipes are mounted in the gallery with the flue pipe work finished in gold and the St. Thomas Trumpets positioned horizontally to project their noble tone directly into the nave of the church. The case work in the area of the music ministry is of mahogany and provides accompaniment for the cantor and choir.

The two manual low profile key desk is also in mahogany and includes a multi level combination system to allow multiple organists to preset the combination system. A complete MIDI interface allows for playback and recording of the instrument and a MIDI sound module adds digitally sampled voices for contemporary worship.

  Completed Organ Photos