Cathedral of Ss. Simon and Jude




This project brought new horizons for the Peragallo Organ Company.  The new pipe organ for the Cathedral of Ss. Simon & Jude in Phoenix, Arizona is  the westernmost installation to date, moving further out than John Peragallo Sr.’s Butte, Montana theater installation in 1915 with the former American Master Organ Company.   

This new instrument is a four manual and pedal, 51 rank organ with some 2800 speaking pipes.  The organ was completely fabricated and preassembled at our factory workshops in Paterson, New Jersey and was shipped to Phoenix.  The design of the instrument was a collaborative effort with Matthew Meloche, the Cathedral's Director of Sacred  Music. The organ has 6 divisions: the Grand Orgue, the Positiv, the Recit division, the Solo division, the Antiphonal Organ (located at the front of the church) and the Pedale division. 

The architectural concept for the case is in keeping with the church design and features flowing curves and jutting angles. The polished façade pipes shall be of shiny zinc and as will the Trompette en Chamade.   

The Cathedral of SS. Simon and Jude is the Mother Church of the Diocese of Phoenix and the home of Phoenix's televised Mass.

The tonal specification has been augmented with an additional Cymbale III on the Grand Orgue  and a floating 8' Tromba Magna which will be on high wind pressure. 

We hope you can join us for the many exciting events with this wonderful new addition to the Diocese of Phoenix.  


  Completed Organ Photos

  Organ Construction Photos