St. John the Beloved Catholic Church


Type:  PIPE ORGAN - OPUS 591 - 1997


This organ is enclosed in a freestanding oak casework speaking directly across the nave of the church. The choir risers front the lower panels of the case forming a complete area for the music ministry. The case contains polished pipework of the Pedale and the Grand-Orgue Montre with Romanesque mouths. The rounded towers include hand carved pear-leaf pipe shades finished in gold.

The crowning solo reed, the Beloved Trompette, features Willis-type shallots. As with many of our instruments, the low profile French-style tiered keydesk works effectively in worship, ideally serving to reduce the overall height of the console and maintain eye contact with the choir and celebrating ministers.

"From the choice of builder, to the choice of stop specification and tonal concept, this instrument's primary purpose was the accompanying of both choir and congregation for the liturgy. I comment the builders' artistry for the high degree that this was accomplished. To their further credit, this instrument is enormously successful with a wide range of organ literature." - Alan Davis, Former Organist at St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYC.

  Completed Organ Photos